Excellent Mother's Jewelry Gifts For Summer

By Jill McMaster

When you are looking for summer jewelry gifts, you have quite a selection from which to choose. You can choose from precious gems and gold jewelry, to more functional types of jewelry such as watches for a mom in your life. You should take a look a summer jewelry selections that are available when you are choosing a gift for your mom or wife and choose something that she will like. A good way to tell her taste is to take a look at her current jewelry collection.

Whether you are choosing necklaces, bracelets or rings for mom, you want to be sure that you are selecting good quality jewelry that will also have symbolic meaning for any woman. Most women like to have jewelry that reminds them of their children. You can choose from many different types of jewelry to find a gift that she will love.

Gold jewelry should be preferred over other types of jewelry because it will not tarnish and is of strong quality to hold precious or semi-precious stones. You should try to get the highest quality gold when you are looking for jewelry gifts.

Other summer jewelry gifts include bracelets as they get more wear in the summer months when short sleeves are worn. Take a look at the different bracelets that are made with moms in mind to make your choice.

Rings are always a huge hits with moms everywhere. One idea that you may want to consider when you are looking for jewelry gift ideas is a birthstone ring that has the birthstones of all of her children.

Bracelets are perfect gift selections for summer weather as they tend to get shown off more with short sleeves. You can choose from a wide selection of bracelets that are made especially with moms in mind.

Earrings are another way to show a mom that you are thinking of her and that you care. Before choosing earrings for any woman, be sure to note whether or not she has pierced ears.

Make sure that the jewelry that you select is of good quality and in an attractive design that you think she will like. Whenever you are looking for gifts for any moms on your list, you cannot go wrong with jewelry that reminds her of her children.

When you are looking for jewelry gift ideas for any mom in your life, look for fashion, style and sentimental value. Summery jewelry is something that most women will cherish and not only wear just in the summer, but year round. Make a selection that she is likely to love for the rest of her life. - 29871

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How To Buy Diamonds For Less And Still Satisfy Your Champagne Taste

By Stephen Daniels

In general, most people love diamonds, but are deterred by the cost of owning them. The once popular synthetic cubic zirconia (CZ), an inexpensive option, is heavy and lacks the brilliance that makes diamonds so desirable. In large sizes, CZs don't even look real to the naked eye. How, then, can one purchase the fire and sparkle at a reasonable price? Lab-created gems have come of age. They are no longer poor substitutes for the real thing - they are the real thing. In fact, they go one step farther -- these stones are flawless.

Lab produced stones, often called "cultured" diamonds, are the same carbon crystals that can be found in diamond mines. They have identical chemical, optical and physical properties to stones that occurred naturally, and this results in them having the same brilliance, sparkle, fire and scintillation. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) grades cultured gems by the same standards it uses for the mined ones. In fact, the GIA acknowledges that these ARE genuine diamonds. The only difference is the rating will describe the stones as "laboratory grown."

In nature, colored diamonds rarely occur. These are the result of certain impurities - nitrogen will create yellow, boron will create blue, and so forth. Because there are so few colored natural stones of high quality, they are quite expensive. However, lab produced stones are readily available in several different colors. In addition to being flawless, the cost for cultured colored diamonds is similar to the cost for colorless stones.

Like their counterparts, man-made diamonds can be purchased either loose, or already in jewelry settings. However, you are unlikely to find these cultured stones in most jewelry or department stores. They have only recently made an appearance on the market, and represent a very small part of the total diamond inventory out there.

Here are some differences to be aware of regarding man-made diamonds: 1. Most are 1-2 carats in weight. Larger stones are made, but are the exception, rather than the rule. 2. The majority of man-made stones are colored, rather than colorless - precisely the opposite of natural stones. 3. While experts can detect that these gems are man-made, special equipment is required to be sure. This equipment is very expensive. 4. It is far easier to find "matched pairs" of identical man-made stones for use in jewelry than it is when one is using natural gems.

So, should you be concerned that someone will try to pass off a man-made diamond to you as the "real thing?" This is probably not all that likely if you are purchasing from someone reputable. First of all, the manufacturers of the lab-grown diamonds are very proud of the gems they are able to produce. Secondly, these are actually diamonds rather than "cheap" imitations. Thirdly, the difference in the stones is detectable. And lastly, jewelers have every incentive to preserve the integrity of the natural diamond market, so a jeweler will readily help you identify what you are getting.

Basically, opting for lab-grown diamonds will allow you to purchase more for less. However, this isn't a "champagne on a beer budget" scenario. You can expect to pay about one third less for cultured stones than for natural stones. Lab-produced stones can be easily found via the internet, and these sites proudly advertise that their offerings are "synthetics." But, similar to other online purchases, you'll want to investigate the vendor carefully prior to making your purchase. - 29871

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Lanyards Are Trendy Corporate Gifts

By Olivia Brown

Companies often end up spending a lot of money on their promotion strategy. At various events, they use their merchandise to develop a feeling of belongingness for all the participants. There are different kinds of merchandising materials but they all have the same objective of attracting people towards them and forming a good impression of the company. Using lanyards is a very effective way of achieving this.

T-shirts have for long been a preferred option at corporate events as they are known to be very effective in promoting the company. But lanyards are not far behind and they are already catching up with t-shirts. They attract a lot of attention from people, which gives visibility to the company's logo and tagline, and that is why they are becoming so popular.

If made use of appropriately, lanyards prove to be very effective in corporate events such as industry exhibitions and seminars. The event can be made livelier be giving out lanyards to the participants. Along with the organization logo, you can also have the name of the event printed on it such that it can even play the role of souvenir for the attendees.

Lanyards are a much better option than t-shirts as far as the cost consideration is concerned. They develop goodwill among prospective customers and it is a well known fact that they have a very good recall value.

Lanyards are not just inexpensive and efficient in promoting a company's brand; in fact, there are many other considerations why you should be using them. Colourful lanyards are known to attract the interest of a viewer, hence providing excellent exposure to the company they are promoting. As they can be made use of for many purposes like displaying ID cards, they have a high reusability value. Because of its versatility, potential clients can also take it with themselves and find various uses of it, which gets exposure to your brand for a long time. - 29871

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A Few Tips On Baby Photography

By Adriana Noton

Photography is one way in which people can memorialize their experiences in life. A photo can be taken to commemorate a new grade, a new spouse, a new house, or just the change of the season or a difference in weight and hairstyle. Whatever is important to someone, or even just mildly interesting, photos are landmarks in life.

Here are a few tips to help you express the most important landmarks in someone's life. A new baby. Babies are some of the most popular subjects in terms of picture taking but because of their very nature, they require a great deal of patience and skill in order to do your baby photography justice. For instance, a mistake that you see a lot in baby photos is the use of the flash when a picture is taken.

They move, they fight, they cry, and if they're very upset, they poop. As a result baby photography takes not only a lot of patience, but a lot of skill. However, even if you're not a professional you should be able to take some very good photos by taking in these few simple suggestions. The first thing is to avoid using the flash on your camera.

Not only is the bright, glaring, artificial light unflattering, it's unnecessary and it also causes red eye in the final photograph. Natural light is best, which means that you have the choice to move closer to a window or go outside in order to take a picture then do so because it's worth it. If you can't though, most cameras have a red eye reduction function that you can use for the best baby photography possible.

If your camera doesn't have one, there is software available that will take care of the problem for you. Another thing to watch out for is blurring. Like I said earlier, most babies don't like sitting still for pictures and as a result most of them come out looking blurry. Now you can take pictures of your baby acting naturally with the help of a high iso speed camera and big aperture.

Clothes that have patterns or heavy colors can distort the face and eyes of a baby so instead you should try light, solid-colored clothes for the best effect. With that same idea in mind, try to limit the overall range of colors in the photograph. Camera-wise, a wide angle lens tends to distort, and unless you want the effect, you should try to avoid using them.

Speaking of effects, you can try some very simple things to make the baby picture fascinating and unique. Instead of using the baby as the main focus, you can instead pay more attention to the toys, foods, blankets, and etc that make up the baby's everyday life.

You can focus on the things that are associated with the baby instead of the baby itself, take a snapshot of your baby in a strange pose or engaging in some strange behavior or facial expression to add a bit of spice to the picture. Mirrors and blurred backgrounds are also popular in baby photography. The point is to have fun and if you keep that in mind everything else should just fall in place. - 29871

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What Kinds Of Backpacks Should Buy For Your Kids

By Zac Taylor

Backpacks for kids are being manufactured and sold left and right. While we want our kids to have a nice backpack to use every day, we should also consider how safe it is to use. Some bags are made by reputable companies while others are not even known. The main difference is the quality it provides.

Ensuring backpacks for children are long lasting as well as cost-effective will be our primary concern. Many low-priced bags manufactured with breakable plastic linings. These would often rip apart easily without notice. As these tear apart, it might allow sharp edges hanging out of the seams which will scratch our children 's skin. Many bags are also made with low-priced quality zippers which at time may easily snap and pose as a safety hazard.

Great quality backpacks for kids does not imply that it should be expensive. There are reputable manufacturers who sell their products at very reasonable prices. This is in a sense, a way to invest in our children 's needs. It can carry their belongings securely and we would not need to worry about it falling out accidentally. These kinds of bags have reinforced stitching to make sure that it will not fall apart. The zippers and the straps are made to serve its purpose while using good quality materials. To a parent, their child's safety is the top priority. This is the same ideals to which these manufacturers abide. Profit can be easily made from cheap bags which we do not know where or how it was made. Reputable manufacturers care about those who will be using their products.

So, is it almost time to start school and you are still in the process of deciding what the best kind of bag your child needs? Kids who go to school are always required to bring in a lot of things. These would include their books, school supplies and in some occasions, their projects. To consider purchasing kids rolling backpacks will prove to be quite rewarding. There are a number of advantages to this product that you would most certainly find agreeable. It is like having a backpack and a trolley in one.

For a young elementary student use kids rolling backpacks would give them a sense of efficiency in lugging all their things around each day. The weight of the books they need to carry each day is more than enough to provide great strain to their young bodies. Pulling the weight with the aid of small wheels would give the ease in doing so. As this is highly mobile, it will be easier for them to maneuver it and store it neatly in one side of their desk or against the wall of a room. And when they have fewer items inside the bag, they can just as easily use the padded straps to sling around their shoulders. This will give your child the benefit of knowing if they are ready for a full backpack or stay with a trolley with the use of kids rolling backpacks. They will learn to properly organize their things as they use it each day. - 29871

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Some Info On Tinting Your Eyelashes

By Delia Melandoi

Makeup is not a necessary accessory when you go to the beach. However, there is a way for a woman who does not like to go out without a coat of mascara to look great and enjoy the water. With the aid of eyelash dye, you can always have dark, alluring eyes without the aid of mascara.

The eyelash tinting process dyes your lashes to give them look a darker, more prominent look. Eyelash tinting is designed to complement your skin type and hair color, and can be black, blue, shades of brown or gray, or whichever color best fits your complexion.

Eyelash tinting is a perfect solution for people with make-up sensitivity, who are physically active (especially swimmers), and those who do not have the time to apply make-up on a daily basis. The tinting process is also ideal for those who wear contact lenses, as it removes the sometimes painful process of applying mascara.

Eyelash tinting is performed with harmless, long-lasting vegetable dyes in a quick, non-surgical procedure. The effects of tinting are quite natural, especially when compared to applying mascara. Most salons and spas are not able to lighten the natural color of your eyelashes.

That is the most commonly asked question by patients considering eyelash tinting. Due to their proximity to the eyes, it is critical to have your eyelashes tinted by a reputable professional.

The procedure typically takes about fifteen minutes. That makes it easy to fit eyelash tinting into even the busiest schedule. When you arrive at the salon, a therapist will place cotton under your eyes as you close them, and then he or she will thinly coat your eyelashes with vegetable dye. The dye is allowed to set for ten minutes, and then it is removed with water. The results usually last for 4 to 6 weeks.

The procedure is typically painless, although you could experience a slight stinging if some of the dye gets into your eyes. Keep in mind that eyelash tinting is not a good choice for people whose skin is easily irritated by hair dye or color additives.

Home tinting kits should not be used unless you are a trained professional. Home treatments can be messy, or yield results that are not as effective as salon procedures. Professionally administered eyelash tinting can provide you with amazing, long-lasting results. - 29871

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Wearing Tailored Dress Shirts: Men's Guide To Custom Clothing

By Davida Monte

The men's dress shirt is the icon of "timeless" fashion. Other than becoming more fitted over time, the classic dress shirt has not changed a lot. It is a shirt with a collar, full-length button opening at that front, long sleeves and cuffs. Also referred as a button-down in America, or simple just a shirt in the United Kingdom. In this section we dissect the various parts of the dress shirt in more detail.

A collar band, sometimes referred to as a collar stand, is a strip of fabric that forms the inner part of the collar and attaches the collar to the shirt. The top button is part of the collar band. The band's width determines the rise, or height, of the collar. A collared shirt can be made without a collar band. This creates a collar that must always be open, -- typically, a shirt with a large collar such as the style that was popular in the "Disco" era.. Men's dress shirts may have a different fabric on the inside of the collar band for a contrasting effect.

The base of the neck is circled by the collar, which is connected to the dress shirt collar band. There are many variations of the collar, from the Buttondown, hidden buttondown, traditional point, curved point, and even the round point collar. Higher quality dress shirt, or more formal dress shirts, are interfaced to make them stiffer, then are sewn along the edge. More than one piece of the interfacing can be used for a more firm collar. Men's dress shirts of lower quality will often have bubbles in the collar interfacing, which are very unsightly. The top stitching should be about 1 cm or so in from the border of the collar. You will notice that collars of lesser quality will have the stitching right on the border.

The tip of the collar is referred to as the collar point. Often a tailor will refer to the collar point length to define the characteristic of it. On some collar points you will find collar stays on the reverse side, that maintain it's rigidness. With interfacing it is not necessarily required to have the stays, though different shirt makers prefer different ways.

A good tailor will put a lot of consideration into the space between the collar points, know as the collar spread. The reason so much consideration must be made for this is because a men's dress shirt should flatter your natural body shape- so a person with a stout neck should use a collar with a narrow spread, while a person with a skinny neck should use a collar with a larger spread. By doing so, the neck will visually be enhanced by the collar, thus bringing the best out of your body.

The convenience of the men's dress shirt is that it can be completely opened from the front, and this is covered by a part called the front centre placket. There are different styles- most common being the bluff font, and less popular but also very nice is the twin stitching front and the fly front. A typical front center placket has six buttons, and on a tall fitting you will find 7 buttons for the extra length. This can be made by attaching a separate piece of fabric, or by folding the fabric onto itself.

It is optional to include include a pocket on a dress shirt. Originally, men's dress shirts did not include one, but nowadays it's just a matter of convenience are personal taste. If you are in a very formal event, you may consider a pocket-less shirt, though in any other setting it's fine to have one. The most popular pocket is regular, though you will often find on industry dress shirts, such as a security or pilot shirt, a pleated flapped pocket. The point of the pleat is to allow the pocket to expand. A pocket adds a touch of character to a dress shirt.

Long sleeve is the norm for dress shirts, though short sleeve dress shirts can be found. Especially in warm climates you will find short sleeve even around the office. Never wear a short sleeve under a jacket, or at a more formal environment. In a relaxed environment you may roll up your sleeves to make them into short sleeves, and it often looks fairly stylist.

The sleeve placket extends from the break in the cuff approximately 1/4 up the sleeve length. It is also known as a "gauntlet." The main purpose of the sleeve placket is to allow the sleeves to be rolled up, and it also provides a better fit around the forearm for the dress shirt. Some men's dress shirts have a button on the sleeve placket, allowing the opening to be held closed.

The attachment between the main part of the shirt and the sleeve is referred to as the armscye. The armscye is basically the sleeve hole, and depending on the brand it can vary drastically in size, and because of this many people find generic, un-tailored shirts are very difficult to have the armscye fit properly.

The cuff forms the end of the sleeve, and usually has button, possible two on it. The mark of a men's dress shirt is a fairly well defined cuff. The cuff does serve the purpose of closing the sleeve, and making it fit properly, although it is also designed to be stylish.

The Straight French Cuff, and the straight double cuff, are longer than traditional cuffs and are worn folded back on themselves with a 90 degree angle on the corners. Traditionally, men's dress shirts with these cuffs were only used with a lounge suit or formal jacket, which are worn in very formal settings. Nowadays, it is common to see French cuffs on a dress shirt in a business setting, especially in Europe, or even rolled up on the arms for a night out on the town. French cuffs on a dress shirt require cuff links.

Convertible Cuffs can be worn as round cuffs or French cuffs on a dress shirt. They have buttons to secure the cuff as a button cuff would, though they also have an extra buttonhole sewn in, to allow the cuff to be folded over and used with cuff links. This makes for a versatile dress shirt.

The Yoke is the strip of material sewn across the shoulders to attach the front and back pieces of the shirt. Dress shirts normally have a one-piece yoke, though two-piece yokes can occasionally be found on traditional British dress shirts. The two-piece yoke is divided directly behind the neck, allowing the pattern to be lined up at a 90 degree angle to the pattern on the front of the shirt, while making the pattern of the yoke on the back intersect, producing a "V" shape to the dress shirt.

Pleats allows for flexibility across the shoulders of a men's dress shirt. When the wearer of the dress shirt moves his arms up, the extra fabric folded into the pleats releases and allows flexibility. Pleats are located on the back of the dress shirt, starting at the seam between the back and yoke. Box pleats are located in the centre of the back, and can also be made as inverted box pleats which only show a visible line opening. Another option is the knife pleat, which is created when the fabric is folded over once, on the right and left sides of the back. An alternative to pleats is gathering. Gathering can be applied across the entire back/yoke seam, or just on the right and left back/yoke seam. A dress shirt can also be made without pleats. This is recommended for inward-arched backs that tend to collect a lot of fabric on the lower back of the dress shirt.

The modern dress shirt is found in either a round bottom or square cut. The round bottom is and adaption of the more traditional tail-cut. The tail-cut was a very rounded bottom, though this was adapted to a less rounded version for better convenience- many find the tail-cut comes untucked around the edges of the pants because it's cut higher on it's side. The square bottom is cut flat, and is becoming common in business wear as it's perfect for a shirt that will always be tucked it. In this day in age it is acceptable to wear a dress shirt untucked in a casual setting.

Darts are a feature of a dress shirt where two vertical strips of the fabric on the back are sown in. Many tailors believe darts do not belong on dress shirts. It's true that most body shapes do not require, or even fit well, with darts -- but men who happen to have the particular body shape that does fit well with darts often swear by them. Darts are ideal for people with very inward-arched lower backs, that tend to gather a lot of fabric in the lower back area. Darts remove this fabric and make the back of the dress shirt conform closer to the arched lower back.

Usually offered from custom tailors is a monogram on your dress shirt. A monogram is a lettering on your shirt, usually the initials of your name. A monogram is a nice personal touch that will often emphasize that your shirt has been custom made for you- really a sign of quality and workmanship. If you decide to get a monogram on your shirt you may want to consider getting it somewhere discreet if it is for office wear.

Now that you have read this article you will have a solid understanding of the anatomy of a dress shirt. The men's dress shirt is really a "time-less" piece of men's fashion. It's been around for hundreds of years, and will continue to be around for a long time to come. Unlike a typical shirt, the dress shirt is designed to contour, and compliment the features of the body, and this is why it's design is so much more complex than your typical shirt. - 29871

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